By transcribing and indexing Schönberg’s calendars from 1941, which can now be viewed in the image archive, we continue the insight into Schönberg's daily and weekly routines. Since 1936 the composer lived in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

"Archduke Otto of Austria Here" – "Royalty in Our Midst": In April 1941 the Los Angeles Times devoted several issues to the arrival of a famous Austrian exile. Otto von Habsburg, the eldest son of the last Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, who was not only well known in monarchist circles, had been in the USA since the previous year. He had personal contacts with President Franklin D. Roosevelt and spoke at lecture tours and social events about his visions of the multi-ethnic state Austria-Hungary.

On October 6, 1941 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Otto von Habsburg met another exiled Austrian: Arnold Schönberg. The meeting possibly took place on the campus of the University of California at Los Angeles, where Schönberg held a professorship in composition, and lasted a maximum of two hours, because at 3:00 p.m. there was already an appointment with Earle Raymond Hedrick, Vice President of UCLA. The contents of both conversations are not documented.